Georgia Martial Arts & Self Defense: Dojo Summer Camp 2023

We are so excited to announce our 16th year of Dojo Camp registration is now open here at Georgia Martial Arts & Self Defense. We will have THREE weeks of camp this summer and have 30 slots for campers each week. Our camps are Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm. We do offer early drop-off starting at 7:30am and late pick up ending at 5:30pm. for an additional fee.  Camp is for all kids ages 4-13!! 

Early Registration Lasts until April 1st!!!! Prices listed below currently are our Early Registration Prices. 

First Child: $250

Second Child: $225

Third Child: $200

Early Registration will last until April 1st. Pricing increases to $275 for first child, $250 for second and $225 for third. Camps fill up extremely quickly so please reserve your Childs spot when you can!

Dojo Camp Weeks:

Week One: June 12th-June16th

Week Two: July 10th-July 14th

Week Three: July 24th-July 28th

Our camp will be run by our owner, Shawn Forristall, who has led and organized our camps since he started them in 2006. At camp your child will have a martial arts class each day where we teach them basics of self defense, Brazilin Jiujitsu, and Japanese Jujutsu. We work very hard with the kids to build their confidence, leadership skills, learning how to work well with others, and have a blast while doing it. We have a great group of counselors who are all members at our dojo and are fantastic with the kids and will coordinate games with kids as well as helping with each martial arts class. We get to have a week packed with fun including having a hike day at Red Top Mountain, and a beach day at Proctors Landing in Acworth.

Schedule for camp week

*Your child will need a packed lunch Monday-Thursday. Friday we will provide hotdogs, chips, cookies, fruit, and water bottles. We will be providing snacks twice a day for each camper. For all of the days we are at the dojo, campers will need shoes that can easily be slipped on and off (flip flops, crocs, etc..)

-Monday: Dojo Day! We will go over rules and give a run down of camp to our campers first thing. All counselors will be introduced. Kids will be split up into teams with two counselors leading each group of kids. Kids will work together to make a team flag. The kids will do lots of activities together within their team to get to know one another. Over the course of the day the kids will have a Martial Arts/Self Defense Class, do arts & crafts, talent show practice, and play lots of fun, interactive, team building games. Your child will need a packed lunch.

-Tuesday: Hike day at Red Top Mountain. Everyone will meet at the dojo by 9am, we will go over rules for hiking, giving each camper a hiking buddy they must stay with at all times. We will be doing some fun Martial Art & Self Defense techniques along the way. Please have your child bring a backpack. NO STRING BACKAPCKS. In your child's bag they will need packed lunch, extra set of clothes, hat, sunscreen & bug spray, and several water bottles. All campers have to wear tennis shoes!!! There will be a bigger kid hike, and a smaller kids hike which leads to a playground. We always have a good group of parent volunteers who help drive the kids, and hike with the kids. We will leave dojo no later than 10:30am and will be back from hiking at 3:00pm. If you can help drive please let us know.

-Wednesday: Dojo Day! A day full of dodgeball tournaments, a Martial Arts class, talent show practice, and the big talent show performances! Please have your child bring their lunch on this day. Each group will perform their "team talent" for the entire camp at the end of the day. Parents are welcome to attend. We will have several arts & crafts and games that work for each age group. We will have lots of team building exercises and leadership building courses on this day.

-Thursday: Dojo Day! Over the course of the last full day spent at the dojo, we will do a Martial Arts Class, Dojo Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course, and our Extreme Nerf Gun War! Each child that would like to participate in the Nerf Gun War are required to wear eye protection (sunglasses, safety glasses, goggles). We will have a course set up for our big kids, and a smaller course set up on another floor, just for our little kids. Our Dojo Ninja Warrior Course is our own spin on the "America Ninja Warrior", and is always a huge hit! We will have counselors assigned to the younger kids to help them have a successful, fun Dojo Ninja Warrior Course. Your child will need a packed lunch.

-Friday: Beach day at Proctors Landing here in Acworth. At Proctors Landing we have a roped off lake and beach area. All Campers will need to arrive at dojo no later than 9:30am. We will be leaving dojo no later than 10:30am and will arrive back at the dojo at 3:00pm. We will need volunteers to help drive. All children are required to wear a life jacket regardless of their age and swimming capabilities. We reserve a big pavilion where we grill out hotdogs, and have chips, cookies, and fruit! Each camper will be put into a small group of kids monitored by their very own counselor/counselors. No child is allowed to go anywhere without their entire group and counselor. Life jackets will be worn at all times while on beach area and in water. Life jackets can only be taken off during lunchtime at the pavilion, or in bathroom. Parents are welcome to join us for the beach day. The only exception with life jackets being taken off is if you are out there monitoring your child.

*Parents, if you can help drive on either, or both days we travel, please let me know. We plan on traveling Tuesdays and Fridays if the weather allows us to. In the past we have switched dojo, and travel days around to avoid bad weather. We will keep everyone updated as we get closer*

If anyone has any questions at all, throughout the camp week, please reach out to me directly by cell 770-880-9688 or by email

Thank You

Shawn Forristall 

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June 12th-June 16th: First Child

June 12th- June 16th: Second Child

June 12th-June 16th: Third Child

July 10th-July 14th: First Child

July 10th-July 14th: Second Child

July 10th-July 14th: Third Child

July 24th-July 28th: First Child

July 24th-July 28th: Second Child

July 24th-July 28th: Third Child

June 12th-16th: Early Drop-Off

June 12th-June 16th: Late Pick-Up

July 10th-July 14th: Early Drop-Off

July 10th-July 14th: Late Pick-Up

July 24th-July 28th: Early Drop-Off

July 24th-July 28th: Late Pick-Up







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Student hereby agrees that in consideration for and as a prerequisite to Student's attendance in any classes, events, programs, seminars or other activities related to Aikijujutsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Shinkendo, or other martial or combat endeavors (Hereinafter collectively termed "GAMASD  Activities") related to GAMASD or its Contract for Enrollment of Student, Student hereby releases GAMASD, and any other Student enrolled with GAMASD, from liability of any kind reasonably related to or stemming from risks of the activities attended from the beginning of time ad infinitum.

Student hereby acknowledges that there are risks of injury to Student's person mentally, physically or otherwise, up to or including death, that may result from attending GAMASD Activities, and that Student hereby assumes the risk of all injuries of any kind that reasonably stem from or are reasonably related to any risks of harm inherent in attendance of such Budokan Activities.  Accordingly, Student shall hold GAMASD harmless for any such inherent risks of harm that become manifest from attendance of GAMASD Activities, and Student hereby waives any rights of action whatever against GAMASD related to such materialized risks of harm.

Student hereby further acknowledges that GAMASD Activities involve high impact contact with Student's person, and at times involve extreme physical exertion and fatigue due to the martial or combative nature of GAMASD Activities.  Therefore, Student is responsible for Student's own evaluation of health and fitness to engage in such GAMASD Activities, and the undersigned hereby warrants and affirms that Student is physically healthy enough and possesses a sufficient level of fitness to attend GAMASD Activities safely.

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